I created and minted my personal token on solana, but it has no name. The repository on github is closed and I don't understand how to verify my token at all. Tell me please. Here is my ready-made token: https://solscan.io/token/51AUUVqApsPwW828MXAEqGTp4iZ52D2FbjL5rMgsYfmK#metadata Thank you in advance for your help


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Here are good tutorials on getting started with Tokens (Fungible and Non-Fungible on Solana)

  1. https://www.soldev.app/course/token-program (fungible)
  2. https://calyptus.co/courses/2-creating-your-first-token/ (fungible)
  3. https://jimii.pages.dev/mint-solana-anchor/ (non-fungible)

code example can be found here. https://github.com/solana-developers/program-examples/


You can register your token using metaplex token-meta-data. Now, Solana Github is not accepting PR for adding tokenInfo. you can check out this url for adding token data


you can use this npm for adding your token metadata.


Method Name: createCreateMetadataAccountInstruction

once it is done, solscan will fetch your token details automatically.

  • Hello! I'm a Python developer by a big chance and I don't really understand js/ts. could you send some guides on token-metadata or contact me in telegram and help with solving this issue? My telegram: @nikodim54 Thank you again.
    – Atr118
    Commented Oct 20, 2023 at 10:17

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