Q1.What is the recommended way to fetch current cluster co-ordinated timestamp ? is it via fetching the clock account and deserializing it if so is there a method which takes care of deserializing it, Q2 there exists something along the lines of getParsedAccountInfo but i dont understand how is it possible for it decode any account info without having knowledge of the underlying Structure.

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You can get the timestamp of the last processed block quite easily if that's sufficient:

const slot = await connection.getSlot({ commitment: 'processed' });
const timestamp = await connection.getBlockTime(slot);

There might be a cleaner way to do this but you can fetch the clock sysvar and the decode it using the following snippet:

import { AccountInfo, PublicKey } from '@solana/web3.js'
import { BN } from 'bn.js'

export const SYSVAR_OWNER_PUBKEY = new PublicKey(

interface Clock {
  slot: number
  epochStartTimestamp: number
  epoch: number
  leaderScheduleEpoch: number
  unixTimestamp: number

export function decodeSysvarClock(info: AccountInfo<Buffer>): Clock {
  if (!info.owner.equals(SYSVAR_OWNER_PUBKEY) || info.data.length !== 40) {
    throw new Error('invalid clock account')

  return {
    slot: new BN(info.data.slice(0, 7), undefined, 'le').toNumber(),
    epochStartTimestamp: new BN(
      info.data.slice(8, 15),
    epoch: new BN(info.data.slice(16, 23), undefined, 'le').toNumber(),
    leaderScheduleEpoch: new BN(
      info.data.slice(24, 31),
    unixTimestamp: new BN(info.data.slice(32, 39), undefined, 'le').toNumber(),

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