This code built ok previously using Anchor Build, but after upgrade of Anchor and Solana I am getting lifetime errors on build. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? enter image description here

use anchor_lang::prelude::*; use crate::{ Game, MoveAction, PlayerGameRecord, TurnMovesRecord, Coordinates, Army }; pub use crate::errors::ErrorCode;

pub fn submit_player_turn(_ctx: Context, _turns: Vec) -> Result<()> {

let player_turn = &mut _ctx.accounts.turn_moves_record;

//If this player has already submitted a turn then return error
if _ctx.accounts.game.current_turn < _ctx.accounts.player_game_record.current_turn {
    return Err(ErrorCode::TurnAlreadySubmitted.into());

//for all army accounts that have been passed in using remaining_accounts, check that the army x and y position matched the from_x and from_y in the move action

let mut no_armies_passed = false;
let mut move_not_to_neighbor = false;
let mut not_moving_from_starting_position = false;

_turns.iter().for_each(|move_action| {

    //You must pass in army accounts for each of your armies that is moving
    if _ctx.remaining_accounts.len() == 0 {
        no_armies_passed = true;
    _ctx.remaining_accounts.iter().for_each(|army_account| {
            let army = Account::<Army>::try_from(&army_account).unwrap();
            if army.key() == move_action.army {
                if army.x == move_action.from_x && army.y == move_action.from_y {
                    if !are_hex_neighbors(move_action.from_x, move_action.from_y, move_action.to_x, move_action.to_y) {
                        move_not_to_neighbor = true;
                    } else {
                        //msg!("Army x: {}, y: {}", army.x, army.y);
                } else {
                    not_moving_from_starting_position = true;

if no_armies_passed {
    return Err(ErrorCode::NoArmiesPassed.into());
if move_not_to_neighbor {
    return Err(ErrorCode::MoveNotToNeighbor.into());
if not_moving_from_starting_position {
    return Err(ErrorCode::NotMovingFromStartingPosition.into());

player_turn.game_id = _ctx.accounts.player_game_record.game_id;
player_turn.player = _ctx.accounts.player.key();
player_turn.game_turn = _ctx.accounts.player_game_record.current_turn;
player_turn.moves = _turns;
player_turn.bump = _ctx.bumps.turn_moves_record;

//Update player turn as this turn has been submitted
let player_record = &mut _ctx.accounts.player_game_record;
player_record.current_turn = player_record.current_turn + 1;

//Update game with hexes and coordinates to process.  Game turn can only be incremented once all armies and hexes have been processed
let game = &mut _ctx.accounts.game;

//for each army in _turns add to game.armies_to_process if not already in list
player_turn.moves.iter().for_each(|move_action| {
    if !game.armies_to_process.iter().any(|&a| a == move_action.army)  {

//Create coordinates from each move's to_x and to_y then add to game.hexes_to_process if not already in list
let mut hexes_to_process: Vec<Coordinates> = Vec::new();
player_turn.moves.iter().for_each(|move_action| {
    let coordinate = Coordinates { x: move_action.to_x, y: move_action.to_y };
    if !game.hexes_to_process.iter().any(|c| c.x == coordinate.x && c.y == coordinate.y)  {
game.hexes_to_process.append(&mut hexes_to_process);



#[instruction(turns: Vec<MoveAction>)]
pub struct SubmitPlayerTurn<'info> {
    pub player: Signer<'info>,   
    pub player_game_record: Account<'info, PlayerGameRecord>,        
        payer = player,
        space = 8 + TurnMovesRecord::MAXIMUM_SIZE, seeds = [
    pub turn_moves_record: Account<'info, TurnMovesRecord>,    
    pub game: Account<'info, Game>,
    pub system_program: Program<'info, System>

//Utlilty functions
fn are_hex_neighbors(x1: u8, y1: u8, x2: u8, y2: u8) -> bool {
    // Calculate the absolute distance between the x and y coordinates
    let dx = (x1 as i16 - x2 as i16).abs();
    let dy = (y1 as i16 - y2 as i16).abs();
    msg!("x1: {}, y1: {}, x2: {}, y2: {}", x1, y1, x2, y2);
    // Two hexagons are neighbors if the absolute difference in x and y coordinates
    // is no more than 1, and the sum of those differences is no more than 2
    dx <= 1 && dy <= 1 && dx + dy <= 2

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remaining_accounts usage in anchor-lang 0.29.0 requires explicit lifetime annotions:

pub fn submit_player_turn<'c: 'info, 'info>(
    ctx: Context<'_, '_, 'c, 'info, SubmitPlayerTurn>,
    turns: Vec<MoveAction>, 
) -> Result<()> {

Note: _ prefix for identifiers in Rust indicates that you don't want to deal with the values but you seem to be using both _ctx and _turns parameters so I've removed the prefix in the solution above.


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