I am using Magic Eden's API to generate a buy transaction, and it returns the bytes of the transaction. I'm using Python, solanapy and solders to send the transaction. However I don't know how to interpret the bytes and send them. Here is my code:

msg = VersionedTransaction.from_bytes(bytes(data[0]))
sig = wallet.sign_message(bytes(msg.message))
response = httpClient.send_transaction(
    opts=TxOpts(skip_preflight=False, skip_confirmation=True),

Where data[0] is the list of bytes that is returned by Magic Eden. This code gives me the error:

solders.TransactionError: Transaction did not pass signature verification

If I remove the verify, it compiles but the signature is 1111.....111. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I now have this, which seems to be very close to the actual solution however I'm getting this error New code:

raw_tx = VersionedTransaction.from_bytes(bytes(data[0]))
signature = wallet.sign_message(to_bytes_versioned(raw_tx.message))
signed_tx = VersionedTransaction.populate(raw_tx.message, [signature])

txid = httpClient.send_transaction(
    opts=TxOpts(skip_confirmation=False, skip_preflight=False),

Error when sending transaction:

solana.rpc.core.RPCNoResultException: invalid transaction: Transaction failed to sanitize accounts offsets correctly
  • You don't have to show the full thing, but can you include the link to the magic eden function that gives data as its result?
    – Ademola
    Dec 28, 2023 at 18:15

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Here is the solution:

raw_tx = VersionedTransaction.from_bytes(bytes(data))
signature = wallet.sign_message(to_bytes_versioned(raw_tx.message))
signed_tx = VersionedTransaction.populate(raw_tx.message, [signature ,raw_tx.signatures[1]])

The data is the signed message from Magic Eden. You have to turn the list into a list of bytes. Then you sign the message and get the signature. Create a new versioned transaction with the message and the signatures from Magic Eden and yours.

And then you can send it using client.send_transaction(...).

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