I want my dapp to be as fast as possible.

As i'm adding more complexity/size im wondering if a larger transaction or a transaction requesting more compute units get processed / confirmed slower than smaller transactions.

Or would a large transaction be just as fast as a small transaction as long as they stay within the size limit and compute budget limit?

Extra question: would using address lookup tables speed up or slow down transactions? As they add a layer of indirection I could imagine they make them slower?

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Leaders may choose to include or order transactions however they wish for the most part. There are two main limits in place at the network level:

Until your accounts get close to the 12M per block limit, they should be ok, but validators may implement other block-packing schemes to prioritize cheap transactions and collect more fees.

To get around that, you can have your users include prioritization fees to incentivize leaders to include your transactions: https://docs.solana.com/transaction_fees#prioritization-fee

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