can anyone help me to make a new solana address and new spl token and show me how to mint those into the solana address through CLI

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This is well documented in the solana docs. Im assuming youve gotten the cli installed and working.

Regardless making a token instructions have been around since sola launched 2 years ago. Instead of rewriting existing work check out the below tutorial: https://moralis.io/how-to-create-a-solana-token-in-5-steps/

If still running into issues pls share the command and screnshot the output


solana-keygen new for a new keypair to sign with

spl-token --help for a new token and transferring of the token


The solana documentation provides easy-to-follow steps to fulfill your requirements using the solana-cli.

  1. Creating a new solana account: [details].
  2. Creating and minting your own token: [details].

There is a tool which can help you to directly create spl/ spl22 token with custom token address also. You can Manage and update token information also

SPL spl22 Manage

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