Say I have given a versioned transaction and I want to get the accounts in the same format my smart contract will see it in. How do I do this?

Edit: I've tried the below, but this always gives me Error: Failed to get account keys because address table lookups were not resolved, which makes sense since this is a synchronous method and I didn't fetch the LUTs onchain anywhere else.

const allAccs = transaction.message.getAccountKeys().keySegments().reduce((acc, cur) => acc.concat(cur), []);

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Figured it out. If our transaction is tx, we can just do:

const LUTs = (await Promise.all(transaction.message.addressTableLookups
    .map((acc) => conn.getAddressLookupTable(acc.accountKey))))
    .map((lut) => lut.value).filter((val) => val !== null) as AddressLookupTableAccount[];
const allAccs = transaction.message.getAccountKeys({ addressLookupTableAccounts: LUTs })
    .keySegments().reduce((acc, cur) => acc.concat(cur), []);


    const tx = await connection.getParsedTransaction(
        maxSupportedTransactionVersion: 0
  • Thanks for this, but I already solved my issue in my answer below. Additionally, the tx hasn't been executed yet, so I can't use getParsedTransaction. I didn't say it had, but tbf I also didn't say it hadn't :)
    – Ahri
    Commented Dec 29, 2023 at 22:55

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