After creating and minting an spl-token, I moved all assets to a new wallet and authorized mint for metadata changes, i assumed wrong. Then ran the close command on the original minting wallet.

My issue is that I cannot find a way to close or freeze mint, nor can i remove authority or assign any authorities.

My 2 questions; From a feasibility, safety and future productivity context.

  1. Do I burn and start over? There's about 130 or so wallets with them, no sure that matters.
  2. Am I able to fix this via a command i've not found wrap the old token into the new token22?

Not a developer by day, more a hack apologies in advance if wrong format or subject.

  • Can you add some more information here? You should be able to change authorities on the mint by using the CLI, ie spl-token authorize <MINT_ID> mint <NEW_AUTHORITY>, assuming that you can sign for the current authority, which you can check using spl-token display <MINT_ID>
    – Jon C
    Commented Jan 8 at 12:55


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