Im surching and trying now about 3 days, but I never find a simple answer:

Where do I find, a step by step doc, to install the metaplex-foundation "file". I´ve already done the "npm install @metaplex-foundation/js @solana/web3.js" then tried with:

import { Metaplex } from "@metaplex-foundation/js"; import { Connection, clusterApiUrl } from "@solana/web3.js";

const connection = new Connection(clusterApiUrl("mainnet-beta")); const metaplex = new Metaplex(connection);

and getting this error: -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

Can someone provide with a really simple doc to install and create then the metaplex account V 2 or 3?

I´ve already created a token wiht metaboss, but could not update my metadata. So I tried to do a new one with a pic (I forgot the pic at the first time). I generate the token with metaboss, but already do not see the pic, just "Token Logo" but not my pic. May someone also help me here? I put the uri in the metadata (uploadet up on pinata).

I searched for all this stuff, but as newbie, its not that easy :D

Thank you

  • For your first error: This indicates a syntax error in your code, so it would be helpful if you could post the full code you're using. The second part is unrelated, so I suggest you open a separate question for that.
    – Ahri
    Jan 2 at 8:05

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It looks like you are running your javascript file as a bash script. You will need to install and use Node. Name your file index.mjs, then run it with node ./index.mjs

You will need to bring in the private key for the update authority and do something like this:

const connection = new Connection(clusterApiUrl("mainnet-beta"));
const metaplex = new Metaplex(connection);
const mint = "The mint address of the NFT you want to update";
const keypair = Keypair.fromSecretKey(Uint8Array.from([The funded update authority key here in an array of decimal numbers]))
(async () => {
    const nft = await metaplex.nfts().findByMint({ mintAddress: new PublicKey(mint)});
    const sig = await metaplex.nfts().update({
        nftOrSft: nft,
        uri: "http://example.com/new-metadata.json",

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