I encountered an issue while signing the transaction from the Phantom wallet. When attempting to sign the instructions.

error: There was an error making the request: TypeError: r.serialize is not a function at wc.signAndSendTransaction (inpage.js:26:35614)

const signature = await window.solana.signAndSendTransaction(
console.log("---> signature: ", signature);
await connection.confirmTransaction(signature);

  • can you provide more code? probably more context is needed to find the issue Commented Jan 5 at 14:28

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The signAndSend of phantom expects a Transaction not an instruction. You need to create a transaction and add your instruction.

The error most likely means that phantom is trying to serialize you transaction, but you are not passing in a transaction.

See phantom docs here: https://docs.phantom.app/solana/sending-a-transaction

Also I would recommend looking into the solana wallet adapter which would support all wallets.

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