I'm currently writing the CLI for the Squads Protocol v4 program in Rust and would like to add support for Ledger signing. Right now, on CLI tx execution, you can specify a keypair directory of who the signer of a transaction is, just like it is for the solana cli.

I've stumbled upon these docs(https://docs.solana.com/wallet-guide/hardware-wallets) and it seems that Ledger is supported in the solana cli by specifying "usb://[/<WALLET_ID>][?key=<DERIVATION_PATH>]" as the keypair path.

I'd want to know if there are any resources/references or crates I could look at to add Ledger support to our CLI as well, best would be in the same format as the Solana CLI.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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This has actually been pretty easy, there is a crate called "solana_clap_v3_utils" with a function called "signer_from_path".

You can then just invoke this function with the same keypair path format as you would with the regular Solana CLI (meaning that Ledger is supported). This will then return a "dyn Signer" Box which you can use to sign transactions.

Here is a code example:

use clap_v3::ArgMatches;
use solana_clap_v3_utils::keypair::signer_from_path;
use solana_sdk::signer::Signer;

pub fn create_signer_from_path(
    keypair_path: String,
) -> Result<Box<dyn Signer>, Box<dyn std::error::Error>> {
    let mut wallet_manager = None;
    let matches = ArgMatches::default();

    signer_from_path(&matches, &keypair_path, "Keypair", &mut wallet_manager)

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