I'm looking to make a game on solona. Each player will have multiple characters, so I want to use NFT to store character information like Ethereum's ERC721. Can I use lang neo to create NFTs and distribute them to players?

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I am not familiar with ERC721 or lang neo, but on Solana you can use a PDA to save extra player data and use the mint of the NFT as a seed like so:

    payer = signer,
    space = 800,
    seeds = [b"player".as_ref(), signer.key().as_ref(), nftMint.key().as_ref()],
pub player: Account<'info, PlayerData>,

pub struct PlayerData {
    pub authority: Pubkey,
    pub board: BoardData,
    pub score: u32,
    pub game_over: bool,
    pub new_tile_level: u32,
    pub xp: u32,
    pub level: u32,

Like this you can have one game state per NFT for example or save things like xp and level etc. Here is a complete on chain game which uses this technic: https://github.com/solana-developers/solana-2048

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    Hello, thank a lot! Jan 12 at 9:03
  • Excited to see what you are building :)
    – Jonas H.
    Jan 12 at 10:15

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