I have developed a presale smart contract using Anchor, and it is currently functional. Now, I am exploring ways to transition to a public sale on decentralized exchanges (DEX) like Raydium after completing the presale. However, I am facing challenges in finding the appropriate steps to achieve this. I hope the community can provide assistance. Thank you.

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  • Waiting for the reply too, there is too much parameters to pass I need clarity on how and where to find them
    – David
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You can use the deposit instruction by calling this function from raydium-io's raydium-contract-instructions package.

Here is is an example of a program that interacts with the raydium program. Although it calls a different instruction from what you want, you can use it as a reference point.

  • thank you for your reply. But there are still some difficulties to understand deposit function. I have to call deposit function from my program directly with CPI and relevant accounts ? How deposit function works exactly? Hope you to explain in more detail. Thank you.
    – Bheem Coin
    Commented Jan 15 at 7:58
  • Could you provide some docs or code snippet to understand this process?
    – Bheem Coin
    Commented Jan 15 at 8:00

There are demo functions for adding liquidity to CPMM and CLMM pool in the demo-sdk.

https://github.com/raydium-io/raydium-sdk-V1-demo/blob/master/src/ammAddLiquidity.ts https://github.com/raydium-io/raydium-sdk-V1-demo/blob/master/src/clmmCreatePosition.ts

To run these functions you'll need to set your keys and rpc in the config files.

A simple edit of the above should be suffisant to perform the action describe above.

Give a look at the README.md

/ withdraw functions are also available in the demo-sdk

  • I already checked all related documentation, but couldn`t find the suitable answer.
    – Bheem Coin
    Commented Mar 29 at 14:20

This is good practice. https://github.com/raydium-io/amm_anchor/blob/master/tests/amm-proxy/programs/amm-proxy/src/instructions/deposit.rs

I've tested and working correctly!

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