So I am trying to report the difference balances on an staking account. My assumption was:

total balance = active stake + rent reserve

However, this equation is not true when looking at the numbers in the screenshot (https://solana.fm/address/DSXgo61hpLQsMnYioYMd4hycBgyZpvqSLKo5yo6zFRs9?cluster=mainnet-alpha)

total balance = active stake + rent reserve + unknownBalance

0.105477195 = 0.103175497 + 0.00228288 + unknownBalance

My assumption now is, is that the difference might be an additional balance for pending staking rewards which are already accounted for in the total balance. If so how can I query the RPC node (https://docs.solana.com/api/http#getinflationreward) to get the difference?

And is my assumption correct, that we do not receive rewards on the unknownBalance?

enter image description here

  • The difference on this address is substantial: solana.fm/address/… At the time of checking it is 1254.54079613 SOL
    – sibabtcs
    Jan 15 at 15:11

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Anyone can have more SOL on a staking account by sending more SOL to the account. That SOL is not staked and doesn't earn staking rewards, and can be withdrawn with a withdraw-stake instruction.

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