Within a function, how do I call other functions?

pub fn process_a(ctx: Context<CreateItemA>) -> Result<()> {
   /// Do something things with item A here...

   /// Now call process_b?
   let returned_value = process_b("test"); <--- What is the proper syntax here?

   /// Do something with returned_value


pub fn process_b(value: String) -> Result<String> {
   /// Do something with value here

   Ok("Some returned value")

I know I can call these one after another from client side but I was wondering if I can chain it all in one single call if possible on chain.

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You want to look into Cross-Program Invocations which is the way to make programs interact with each other on Solana.

If you want a more practical and in-depth explication I can recommend watching this video by SolAndy.

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