I am exploring ways to automate the process of buying SPL Solana tokens using Python and the Solana SDK. I have been working with the Solana blockchain and understand the basics of creating wallets, sending transactions, and interacting with smart contracts.

However, I am specifically looking for guidance on programmatically buying SPL tokens. I would appreciate it if anyone could provide a step-by-step example or code snippet demonstrating how to initiate a purchase of SPL tokens using Python and the Solana SDK.

Executing the transaction and obtaining confirmation. I've gone through the official Solana documentation, but a practical example or code snippet would be immensely helpful. Any insights, code samples, or recommended resources would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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I recommend you to use Jupiter’s swap API..

It helps you gather all the information you needed for a transaction. You just have to sign and send it.

  • hey you idea worked well but can you help me with something i have an error that states Error sending transaction: invalid transaction: Transaction loads an address table account that doesn't exist Feb 4 at 11:00

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