In https://beta.solpg.io/tutorials, pick up the "https://beta.solpg.io/tutorials" demo project.

Here is the demo code I got: https://beta.solpg.io/65aa97e9cffcf4b13384cf03

But it failed to build.

Then I exported it to my local net env to build it. My Cargo.toml's dependencies are: enter image description here

After hours of fixing, there still error that I could not fix.

Error message are:

error[E0432]: unresolved import `anchor_spl::metadata`
 --> programs/anchor-token/src/lib.rs:4:5
4 |     metadata::{create_metadata_accounts_v3, CreateMetadataAccountsV3, Metadata},
  |     ^^^^^^^^ could not find `metadata` in `anchor_spl`

error[E0432]: unresolved imports `mpl_token_metadata::pda`, `mpl_token_metadata::state`
 --> programs/anchor-token/src/lib.rs:7:26
7 | use mpl_token_metadata::{pda::find_metadata_account, state::DataV2};
  |                          ^^^                         ^^^^^ could not find `state` in `mpl_token_metadata`
  |                          |
  |                          could not find `pda` in `mpl_token_metadata`

For more information about this error, try `rustc --explain E0432`.
error: could not compile `anchor-token` due to 2 previous errors

I know bellow import not work. And I can found replacement: mpl_token_metadata::types::DataV2 by google, but don't know how to import others properly.

use anchor_spl::{
    metadata::{create_metadata_accounts_v3, CreateMetadataAccountsV3, Metadata},
use mpl_token_metadata::{pda::find_metadata_account, state::DataV2};

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I conquer this after days of dipping into anchor and mpl-token-metadata source code.

First, to answer a simple question to myself: playground always use latest version crate. And we can not choose which version of crate to use.

Second, mpl_token_metadata::{pda::find_metadata_account,state::DataV2} only exist in versions before v2.0.0(excludsive).

In latest mpl_token_metadata, there are 'mpl_token_metadata::types::DataV2', but no replacement for find_metadata_account(). So I copy find_metadata_account's code out from older version to my program.

Third, to use anchor_spl::metadata::xx, we must enable "metadata" feature on Cargo.toml's dependencies section. For example: anchor-spl = {version = "0.29.0", features = ["metadata"]}

Finally, here is my version of 'battle-coins' example: https://beta.solpg.io/65ace254cffcf4b13384cf14

  • ok, did you find out what function replaces find_metadata_account? Mar 25 at 17:02
  • Not yet. Haven't got time on it. Mar 26 at 7:19
  • @breezewang thank for you info I saw in your code // // The PDA is both the address of the mint account and the mint authority that mean mint token can call from admin and contract also ? can you explain and have GitHub for test what I need is create contract with token pda account and can call from mint auth and also pda like function modifier in solidity.
    – Peter Jack
    Apr 30 at 21:56

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