I am trying to derive AccountInfo from given public key on Rust, Is there any similar anchor function available like getParsedAccountInfo from solana/web3 library?

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The official solana_account_decoder crate can help you.

  • which function can be used for AccountInfo parsing?
    – blackhorse
    Commented Jan 23 at 14:12

Yes! The rpc client provided by solana-rpc-client has get_account_with_config that lets you specify it:

let account_address = Pubkey::new(...);
let rpc_client = solana_rpc_client::rpc_client::RpcClient("...");
let account = rpc_client.get_account_with_config(
    solana_rpc_client_api::config::RpcAccountInfoConfig {
        encoding: Some(solana_account_decoder::UiAccountEncoding::JsonParsed),

This is actually what getParsedAccountInfo is doing under the hood.

More info at https://docs.rs/solana-rpc-client/latest/solana_rpc_client/rpc_client/struct.RpcClient.html#method.get_account_with_config

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