Getting an error publicKey.toBase58 is not a function when calling delegateStaingV1

I've spent quite some time making sure my UMI instance is setup correctly to use the walletAdapterIdentity plugin and createSignerFromWalletAdapter, but i believe my error may lie within this somewhere (perhaps the way im stating the signer.

Should i be using umi.use(signerIdentity(createSignerFromWalletAdapter(umi, wallet))); or should the UMI instance be configured solely with createUmi?

I was following the docs at: https://github.com/metaplex-foundation/umi/tree/main/docs https://developers.metaplex.com/token-metadata/delegates#staking-delegate-pnft-only

Here is a snippet of my code base (VueJs):

const connection = new Connection(endpoint)
const wallet = useWallet()

const umi = createUmi(connection)

const signer = createSignerFromWalletAdapter(wallet);
umi.identity = signer
umi.payer = signer
umi.use(signerIdentity(createSignerFromWalletAdapter(umi, wallet)));

const stakingDelegate = new PublicKey('publicKeyPlaceholder');
const mint = new PublicKey('publicKeyPlaceholder');

const delegate = async () => {
    try {
        await delegateStakingV1(umi, {
            tokenOwner: signer.publicKey,
            authority: signer,
            authorizationRules: new PublicKey('eBJLFYPxJmMGKuFwpDWkzxZeUrad92kZRC5BJLpzyT9'),
            delegate: stakingDelegate,
            tokenStandard: TokenStandard.ProgrammableNonFungible,

    } catch (error) {
        console.error('Error delegating:', error);


When i change my signer from:

const signer = createSignerFromWalletAdapter(umi, wallet);


const signer = createSignerFromWalletAdapter(wallet);

The error I'm receiving becomes a wallet adapter issue:

enter image description here

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You are using the PublicKey class from legacy web3.js as opposed to the PublicKey type that Umi expects — i.e. a simple base58 string opaque type.

You need to replace things like:

const stakingDelegate = new PublicKey('publicKeyPlaceholder');
const mint = new PublicKey('publicKeyPlaceholder');


import { publicKey } from "@metaplex-foundation/umi";

const stakingDelegate = publicKey('publicKeyPlaceholder');
const mint = publicKey('publicKeyPlaceholder');

See Umi's documentation regarding PublicKeys here.

There's also a helper package to help you convert to and from legacy web3.js classes if you had to convert a PublicKey class into a PublicKey type from Umi:

import { fromWeb3JsPublicKey } from "@metaplex-foundation/umi-web3js-adapters";

const stakingDelegate = fromWeb3JsPublicKey(stakingDelegateFromWeb3Js);
const mint = fromWeb3JsPublicKey(mintFromWeb3Js);

See Umi's documentation regarding Web3.js adapters here.

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