I feel like for some base accounts, I’m getting charged 0.002 sol, which is like $0.20 to store a simple data field on a PDA.

Especially for multiple data fields I want to store, this number added over and over again adds up.

A few related questions: 1: does firedancer or future work on solana work to decrease this by a few orders of magnitude? Would be great to have < $0.001 for simple field storage on PDAs… the cheaper we go, the more new UIUX we unlock

2: if I create a PDA that isn’t rent exempt, what happens when the rent expires? Does the account disappear? What’s the best way to simulate this in anchor?

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  1. Firedancer won't directly affect rent, as this is decided on the protocol layer. There is talk around reducing rent though, such as SIMD-0101.
  2. You can't create an Account without enough rent to make it rent exempt which in turn means rent isn't collected and can't "expire". If you try to create a PDAs with a balance below the rent-exempt amount, your transaction will fail. Furthermore, if you try to remove lamports from an Account that is rent-exempt, one of two things will happen:
  • Removing so the balance is less than the rent exempt amount but more than 0: Your tx will fail.
  • Removing all lamports: Your PDA will be closed & purged.

More on rent can be found here: Is rent collected on Solana?

Also would like to add if high rent costs are a problem for you, look into state compression to potentially reduce the space your data takes up.

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