I created one Token using Solana Playground following steps on this tutorial. I'm now trying to mint using this token in my terminal using solana-cli.

I'm getting below error.

Error: "Account 6aVNcw6PcwC6FjkPH3tUjdMYWCr4YY3SFg6HVt43kYg is owned by 11111111111111111111111111111111, not configured program id TokenzQdBNbLqP5VEhdkAS6EPFLC1PHnBqCXEpPxuEb"

I have configured the private key of account 6a.. using command solana config set -k ./solana-playground-account/id.json

Can you please point to what could be the issue, and how to mint using this token?

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You're using your wallet address in Playground, not the token mint address.

Based on the transactions on the wallet address, I think the mint you want is 2f8ygYd54EAS2eGUrQ2xR3GgoDXd5fvGF7AQzjAZkton. This is the transaction where you created it - notice your 6aVN... address is the mint authority, and 2f8y... is the mint address. You can see the mint in Explorer too here.

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