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When setting up on testnet, "Error: airdrop request failed. This can happen when the rate limit is reached."

After generating keypairs locally and moving to the airdrop step I’m getting this error: "Error: airdrop request failed. This can happen when the rate limit is reached." I do have 1 sol it ...
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Check Airdrop eligablity without connecting my wallet

I´ve seen couple Site which can proof if you are eligable for a solana airdrop or not. Im asking how does that actually work in the background. Do they proof if your wallet fill the airdrop ...
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Solana SPL wallet

I used solana airdrop 1 command in solana spl wallet and got 1 sol. I had 0.5 real sol in that same wallet. Solscan is showing 0.5 but when i check by solana balance command it is saying 1. I want use ...
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How to send tokens to multiple accounts in bulk

I am following the tutorial to send a token to a specific recipient ( Below is the code that works ...
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2 answers

Solana-test-validator airdrop request fails

I am connected to the solana-test-validator. When I request an airdrop it fails with Error: airdrop request failed. This can happen when the rate limit is reached. I have search around and have been ...
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Solana program for daily SPL token airdrop

I am planning for an SPL token launch and would like people to visit my React app to claim the token on a daily basis. What I am wondering is how much of the logic should go into the Solana program ...
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I got a Solana airdrop on my terminal CLI, but SolScan shows that my balance is still 0

I tried to airdrop SOL to my wallet and the transfer succeeded but Solscan doesn't reflect the numbers I'm seeing on the CLI.
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How I know is the link sent to my wallet for Solana JUPITER airdrop is not Scan? [closed]

How I know if the link sent to my wallet for Solana Jupiter airdrop is not Scan?
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1 answer

connection.requestAirdrop fail: StructError

I am running a hello world demo of Solana. However, I'm facing a problem. This is my code: import { Keypair, Connection, PublicKey, LAMPORTS_PER_SOL, TransactionInstruction, ...
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1 answer

SPL token account creation and airdrop

I created a spl-token and I want to let users claim airdrops from my website. My current implementation in short: Calculate associated token account Check if the token account exist If not, create ...
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4 answers

I want to mint and airdrop NFTs to my users without them paying gas. Is there a tool that does this?

I'm interested in minting and airdropping NFTs to my users without them having to pay gas fees.If you know of any tools or services that can help accomplish this, I would greatly appreciate your ...
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Why does `requestAirdrop` fail on my local validator?

After requestAirdrop, I am confirming the transaction with confirmTransaction, but I am having trouble executing the airdrop. The version of @solana/web3.js is 1.75.0(latest). I am using the following ...
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2 answers

SOL airdrop on devnet

I have error since 3 days by trying to airdrop on devnet. the error message ist: solana airdrop 1 AzCoTowEtJM4VZmUapoi56TkoD8GKieKJpg4WFsFMhJg --url  ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How do I transfer solana tokens to multiple wallets [duplicate]

I want to do a token airdrop Is there an already prewritten script to do this?
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3 votes
2 answers

How to build airdrop script for sending equalamount of SOL to multiple addresses?

As a newbie dev, I tried to write an airdrop script using AI but I'm failing to get it to work. My goal is to be able to send an equal amount of Solana to multiple wallet addresses listed in a .txt ...
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5 answers

Requesting airdrop of SOL on devnet or testnet throws error, rate limit is reached, even though I never reached the rate limit in the first place

I currently only have 0.623 SOL on this account, and I have not requested more than 24 sol per day/ 2 sol per airdrop, so I don't understand why it says "rate limit reached". How can I fix ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Request airdrop doesn't work

Tried to request airdrop: const wallet = useAnchorWallet(); const anchorProvider = new AnchorProvider(new Connection(cluster.endpoint), wallet, { "preflightCommitment": &...
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4 votes
2 answers

Rate limit of Solana Airdrop on devnet

I am running a script on devnet with a regular interval that requires solana airdrop. Now I get Error: airdrop request failed. This can happen when the rate limit is reached. So I was wondering, does ...
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Airdrop NFT's to wallets that are already staking some other NFT's

Is it possible to get the list of wallets that are currently staking a certain NFT and airdrop some new NFT's to them? It is custodial staking. How would you do it?
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Return airdropped lamports on devnet and testnet?

I feel guilty taking airdrops and putting them into accounts that I never use again. Is there a way to return the airdropped lamports? Or should I not be so caring? I don't want to hog all the ...
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Managing 1000s of Solana addresses and private keys on an exchange [closed]

I plan to pre-generate a Solana address to my 1000+ user base and store it in my database. I plan to air drop each user free community tokens. Also I will have a simple user interface on my site to ...
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