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Very Transaction Signature in Ruby

We're building an authentication system between our server and mobile app where the user can sign a multi-wallet (their wallet and our wallet) Tx, submit it to our authentication endpoint where we ...
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Efficiently fetching a DApp's data

Suppose I have a DApp that lets users create spl tokens. The frontend communicates with the spl token program to create the tokens. The main page shows all tokens created through the DApp (not all spl ...
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What's difference between (TPU) Transaction Processing Unit and (TVU) Transaction Validation Unit?

When reading docs about Solana validator, I stumbled upon these terms, and as far as I understand, both of them are the same hardware, but TPU is when it works in a leader mode, and TVU - when it ...
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- Design Pattern (Discussion) Address Lookuptables to compress on chain storage of `PubKeys`

Reading up on ALT's, A certain usecase came to mind, where in a program if for some arbitary reason i want to store a list of pubkeys(32bytes) say in the 10,000 on chain, wdnt using ALT allow me to ...
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Solana idiomatic pattern for a list

I wanted to understand the solana community idioms around modeling unique data(Hashset) or Openzepplin version of a Set on solidity and storing them on chain, the problems I feel are 2 List/Hashset ...
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