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Accidentally sent Solana to an ATA (fluxbot) on Solflare & not my wallet [closed]

I accidentally sent SOLANA to an ATA (fluxbot) on Solflare. Coinbase couldn’t help me. How do I access the ATA?
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I sent my token (from Trust Wallet) to my ATA (Solflare), the balance still 0? Can I recover from this? [duplicate]

So basically what I did was, sending my Solana token from my Trust Wallet to my ATA of the token on my Solflare. The balance still says 0, how do I recover from this? Is it possible or not? And for my ...
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Error: Signature verification failed while initialising PDA

I've been working on Solana program that should hold two different tokens for me in a Vault in an ATA. The first token should be deposited during Vault initialisation, the second will be deposited by ...
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The data structure of an associated token account's data field

I used 'solana account --output json 'address'' to obtain the data field of a Token account, which is encoded in base64. I would like to know how it is structured.
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Validate if optional account was passed in

Let's say I have an account passed in the instruction #[account(mut), constraint = =] pub optional_ata: Option<Account<'info, TokenAccount>> Is this ...
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Getting bumps for an account that may be an ATA or not

Let's say I have a token account and I want to check if the owner is the signer OR the account is an ATA and the signer is one of the seeds. pub some_account: Box<Account<'info, TokenAccount&...
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How do I transfer SPL-token programmatically when the recipient is the transaction signer?

I want to transfer my custom SPL-token programmatically from my vault (source token account) to George (user destination token account), where the transaction caller-payer is George. Hence, I must use ...
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Can we think of Associated Token Account as a good example of a Program Derived Address?

I am trying to get a deeper understanding of PDAs and am thinking of examples. Is ATA a good one?
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How to create ATA (Associated Token Account ) for a PDA (Program Derived Addresses) on devnet?

I am creating a token-sale program, to sale tokens, I want to transfer spl-tokens to a PDA-address, so I can transfer them from PDA-token-account to recipient(transaction-signer)-token-account by ...
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sendAndConfirm transaction signers

I'm taking my initial steps in Solana / Anchor / Smart Contracts / etc etc. My doubt is regarding the creation of the ATA. After creating all the needed steps, when trying to send and confirm the ...
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Can a PDA be the owner of an associated token account?

SPL.createAssociatedTokenAccount(connection, wallet, mint, project, {skipPreflight: true}, undefined, SPL.ASSOCIATED_TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID).then((projectTokenAccount) => { const mintIx = SPL....
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I transferred my tokens to an ATA derived from an ATA. Can I get them back?

I transferred token to an associated token account derived from an associated token account, can I get my tokens back?
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what's the difference of these two ways to create a token account?

#[account(init, payer = funder, token::mint = token_mint_a, token::authority = authority)] pub token_vault_a: Box<Account<'info, TokenAccount>>, #[account(init, ...
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What is an Associated Token Account?

The term "Associated Token Account" is often used when talking about tokens on Solana. What is it?
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