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Error fetching Account Info on Android Kotlin `java.nio.BufferUnderflowException`

I want to fetch an account's data using [Metaplex KT Library][1]. I am still facing error while fetching an account: code: try { val serializer = SolanaAccountSerializer(...
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error while sending transaction with solanaweb3, [ReferenceError: Property 'Buffer' doesn't exist] in react native

the part of code that causes const connection = new Connection(''); console.log(privateKey, '+++++++++'); const feePayer = Keypair.fromSecretKey(bs58.decode(privateKey))...
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bigint: Failed to load bindings, pure JS will be used (try npm run rebuild?) ,npm rebuild doesn't get rid of the error

I'm trying to make my javascript code that uses @solana/web3.js run faster. I tried npm rebuild and also npm install bigint-buffer, and neither got rid of the warning. Does the display of this warning ...
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Just using the Browser bundle, how can I send a transaction (ReferenceError: Buffer is not defined)?

I've been messing around for a while with the @solana/web3.js browser bundle ( and I'm having some difficulty sending a transaction. My ...
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Borsh Deserialization error: Trying to access beyond buffer length

I've seen some similar threads regarding this problem but none have provided a stable solution. I get the following error when attempting to fetch and deserialize account data: Deserialization error: ...
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Verify Merkle tree in JS - Candy Machine v3

I am attempting to verify a Merkle Tree using the metaplex SDK for the Candy Guard from Cm v3. Specifically I wanna get this working in JS, same as this in Rust What I have is this: import { ...
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How to safely close program buffers?

so recently I came across a tweet suggesting lazy developers to close program buffers with: solana program close --buffers -u m I know buffers are something like temp accounts used during program ...
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Serialize float, int, Pubkey data using web3 js

I am trying to pass parameters of types: float, int, bool, pubkey to Solana anchor program instructions from web3js library #[account] pub struct Parent { pub field1: String, pub field2: u8, ...
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how to decode data of specific account

how can i deocode the buffer data of account. let pb = new PublicKey("GnAwACYKCx5LEv8QJUKvGigcix8AjnsrjLEn2Cu6UJrH") let a= await connection.getAccountInfo(pb) Output
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Decoding data buffer of an account - @solana/buffer-layout - Rust u64 to Typescript Number conversion

I figured out how to decode the data buffer manually for a solana account data. I used the USDC account address to get the account data and then I used the @solana/buffer-layout for u64 buffer ...
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How can I get parse a public key from Buffer?

solana/web3.js has a function PublicKey.toBuffer(key). How do I get the public key back from that buffer? "decode()" only returns the correct key if i use "encode()" to turn it ...
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How to write a factory pattern contracts in solana

Is there a way to implement a factory pattern contracts with rust on solana? Is it similar to the ethereum way? Please show an example. Went through discord and docs, probably missed it, but couldn't ...
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Uncaught ReferenceError: Buffer is not defined. Using Phantom Wallet, Solana and React to make a transaction

I've created a simple app to figure out how to use a Phantom wallet to make Solana transactions. I'm trying to follow SolDev course: When I test the ...
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