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Anchor build error: cannot find version of aho-corasick dependency

I am having trouble building my Anchor project. I first got the error message "cargo pbf require libssl1.0.0". I installed the dependency libssl1.0.0 with the command sudo nano /etc/apt/...
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Anchor Build Error: failed to select a version for the requirement `aho-corasick = "^1.0.0"

error: failed to select a version for the requirement `aho-corasick = "^1.0.0"` candidate versions found which didn't match: 0.7.20, 0.7.19, 0.7.18, ... location searched: index ...
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Getting error while running cargo build-bpf

I was trying to compile this contract but ended up getting this error Error Error: Function ZN14solana_program4vote5state9VoteState11deserialize17hdfad8c2762e760a5E Stack offset of 6344 exceeded max ...
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What is json keypair file after 'cargo build-bpf'?

I understand if it is for pubkey only. but keypair is meaning pubkey and privatekey both. what is purpose of this file?
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Error when running npm run build:program-rust on helloworld example

I'm new to solana developing and am trying to run the hello world example. I am getting the following error after running npm run build:program-rust and am not sure how to fix it. What is causing this ...
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Why does rebuilding programs with `cargo build-bpf` take so long in a workspace?

Compared to the normal cargo build --release --workspace, rebuilding a program with cargo build-bpf (or sbf) ends up redoing quite a bit of work. If you have already built the workspace using cargo ...
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Issue building program via Cargo build-bpf

Getting an error during Build process with cargo build-bpf on Hello World program. error: linker cc not found | = note: No such file or directory (os error 2)
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How to compile a program on a Raspberry Pi?

I'm trying to get up and running with Solana development and was hoping I could use my Raspberry Pi to do all my dev work (not a requirement, just an experiment). I've been following the tutorial ...
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`cargo build-sbf` doesn't work on linux

I consistently get this error message when running cargo build-sbf or cargo build-bpf Warning: cargo-build-bpf is deprecated. Please, use cargo-build-sbf cargo-build-bpf child: /home/anish/.local/...
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Increase Deployed Program Account Allocation

I have deployed a program which got allocated 41216 bytes for the program account. I have changed this program, and would like to redeploy. However, the changed program is 46984 bytes. Error: ...
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Verifying that a program on chain is really running the code claimed

let's say I have been sent a link to a git repo that the owner says contains the code that a particular program is running. I can pull the repo and compile the program, but do any tools exist that ...
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Error compiling async-executor with "cargo build-sbf"

I got this: abcdedf@WudeMacBook-Pro golana % cargo -V cargo 1.63.0 (fd9c4297c 2022-07-01) abcdedf@WudeMacBook-Pro golana % solana -V solana-cli 1.11.10 (src:843e018c; feat:4253057308) abcdedf@...
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Anchor Error, Refuses to build and deploy

I was downgrading and upgrading my Solana and anchor versions in order to deploy my programs to devnet. And while doing that after a time my anchor broke. I removed the rust and re-installed it and ...
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RUSTFLAGS="-C instrument-coverage" with solana program [closed]

Trying to add check coverage, when using RUSTFLAGS="-C instrument-coverage" cargo build-bpf I'm getting: error: failed to run `rustc` to learn about target-specific information Caused by: ...
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Can't compile after upgrading from 1.10.. to 1.11

I upgraded my solana tools and running cargo build-sbf, cargo-build-sbf or cargo build-bpf results in the following error (Ubuntu 20.04): example-helloworld/src/program-rust$ cargo build-sbf error: no ...
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solana-test-validator "Illegal instruction" mac M1

When I run solana-test-validator I get Job 1, 'solana-test-validator' terminated by signal SIGILL (Illegal instruction) Configuration: Mac m1 12.1 cargo 1.62.1 (a748cf5a3 2022-06-08) rustup 1.25.1 (...
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On-chain size of Anchor programs

I noticed that a minimal Anchor Program, e.g. this here takes up over 400kB of executable data on the blockchain. I checked another, a bit more elaborate program, and it's taking up 800kB. Given all ...
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What is cargo build-bpf?

The solana-program-library says to build apps with cargo build-bpf yet if you look at cargo --help this is not mentioned as a valid argument. How does cargo know to look at BPF SDK: /home/phil/...
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