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How to get cost of uploading data to

const { uri, metadata } = await metaplex .nfts() .uploadMetadata({ name: "Fake 101", image:"", ...
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When using Metaplex with and what is the url to retrieve saved data in Arweave

I'm using Metaplex with Bundlr and its working without issue. But once I have saved the file to Arweave how do I retrieve it? If I use I get back a file with content {"...
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Error Undefined is not an object (evaluating 'this.wallet.publicKey.toBuffer'), when using Metaplex with Bundlr

I am making a call to metaplex.nfts().uploadMetadata and using the keypairIdentity with a Solana id.json file. I believe this issue is in the Bundlr code but not sure why. Is anyone else using a ...
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Adding funds to Metaplex BundlrStorageDriver

I am building an app that allows you to upload a photo and mint it as an NFT on Solana. I am trying to add funds to a BundlrStorageDriver object like this: const storage = ...