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How to burn LP on Solana with CLI?

I am a new dev on Solana, I just added liquidity to my token and want to know how or where to burn the lp tokens. Does Solana have a burn mechanism? Is there a burn or dead address like Ethereum that ...
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How to burn a Fungible token owned by a program in a vault account (PDA)?

#[derive(Accounts)] #[instruction(idx:u64)] pub struct Initialize<'info> { // Derived PDAs #[account( init, payer= user_sending, seeds=[b"state".as_ref()...
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how to determine how many lp locked tokens were burned

so I have the addresses of the new token. I also have the address of the raydium pool. How do I determine how many lp tokens have been burned? I want to do something similar to that functionality from ...
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Frontend Burning cNFT // Transaction size too big

My objective here is to burn cNFTs on the frontend but it keeps failing b/c tx size is too large. I've attempted to do this with the older createBurnInstruction fn as well as the burn fn with umi. I'...
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How to automatically burn solana token occasionally?

Is it possible to burn specific amount of solana token occasionally on some specific web hook event? For example: On a blog site when a new post is published on specific tag, then n amount of token ...
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What is the difference between mint and freeze authority?

When I have an SPL token, I can revoke freeze authority and I can revoke mint. What is the difference between these two?
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Any Solana-Ethereum NFT Bridge example? Or can someone explain how I can achieve this?

I wanted to know how Solana-Ethereum NFT bridge works, So please refer me to a relevant guide or explain how this can be achieved?
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Is it possible to transfer absolutely the entire balance of the Solana wallet?

Not SPL token. For example: Create a new Solana address Transfer 1 SOL from my other wallet to this address Return the entire amount received back to my main wallet (minus two transfer fees of 0....
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How do I burn a fungible token?

Phantom wallet has a burn NFT feature and there are some 3rd party sites that allow burning NFTs, but how do I burn a fungible (non-NFT) token? For example I get airdropped 1000 of some random token, ...
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Burn NFT instruction

I am looking for a way to burn an NFT like phantom wallet allowing.(using solana-web3-npm) can any 1 direct me to an example/resource
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Is there a way to burn a specific SPL Token quantity within a wallet while simultaneously minting a different SPL Token quantity within that wallet?

I read through the documentation in the SPL Token program and I am not clearly seeing if there is a way to have a single transaction perform a simultaneous burn and mint operation for various tokens ...
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