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How Candy Machine data is stored?

I'm trying to understand how CM works in theory. As much as I understand, smart contracts can't make internet calls so we have to store data in blockchain in order to access it. Therefore I am ...
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Candy machine not found despite all transactions successful

I have deployed candy machine, but cannot find despite all trsactions being successful.. ./sugarCM3 deploy [1/3] 🍬 Loading candy machine ⚠️ Candy machine FTg17PM9Vs1nc3NALB8gyZCjnzfrWmK7z4Yb6YXHcQBo ...
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How do metaplex candymachine works?

Metaplex candymachine docs doesn't fully explain what in fact candymachines are and that's what I'm wondering. When I create a candymachine, am I creating a new solana program (smart contract), with ...
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1-of-1 NFT in a collection of Solana

I am working on a project where we generated artwork using Hash Lips artwork generator but we need 1 special/Legendary NFT within our collection. Is there any way we can define an nft special? I have ...
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Verify Merkle tree in JS - Candy Machine v3

I am attempting to verify a Merkle Tree using the metaplex SDK for the Candy Guard from Cm v3. Specifically I wanna get this working in JS, same as this in Rust What I have is this: import { ...
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Candy machine Sugar Minting button disabled on deploy

I deployed a candy machine. But it minting button is disabled and its not showing any error or message on screen that why its disabled. I have all NFTs available to mint and sale is live.
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I want allow only list of wallets to mint NFTs without token airdrop ,How do i do it on Sugar Candy Machine

I want allow only list of wallets to mint NFTs without token airdrop ,How do i do it on Sugar Candy Machine I have to pass list of wallets that only can mint NFTs can you share how do i write on ...
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mint multiple NFT at a time

I never saw (nor found anywhere) a solution to allow the user to mint more than one NFT at once using candy machine; any idea or hint to were can I look for this, if possible?
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