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Using Metaplex mpl-token-metadata program can I restrict minting to a collection nft?

I am creating a Metaplex collection following this doc. I want to mint NFT and add to this collection. But I want to restrict who can add NFT to the collection NFT to a certain address. How can I ...
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Solana rent and garbage collection

I'm working on a project that can be seen as a centralized exchange. We already have support for Solana deposits/withdrawals and I now I'm adding support for token deposit/withdrawals, but with this, ...
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How can I add an nft to a collection TypeScript

Is there a way I can add an NFT to an already existing collection? I am the authority for this collection and was wondering whether this is possible in TypeScript without the use of metaplex candy ...
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How can I dynamically create NFT collections on-chain using Solana and Anchor?

I've been able to successfully create individual NFTs using Solana and Anchor, but I'm struggling to find the right approach for creating NFT collections dynamically on-chain. When creating a single ...
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How do I get an NFT collection holders?

Here's what I have tried, and it seems to be buggy. Using I found the collection, then went to Holders, and clicked "next" to get the next 10. I realized this data is wrong, as in,...
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How to Get Nfts Collection through creators address

I am working on Nfts bulkSender Contract. I want to get nft collection through same creators address How can i gather the nfts which have same creators address. Any help here is my code ! this is the ...
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Error with newly migrated Certified NFT Collection

I just migrated my NFT collection to the new Metaplex certified collection standard using their tool at link Now when I try and run .nfts().update() I get the following error Source: Program > ...
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How to check if a wallet owns at least one NFT within a collection

Is it possible to call something like wallet.BalanceOf(NFTCollectionId)? I see how you can check to see if a specific account owns a specific NFT, but don’t see a way to check if the account owns at ...
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Create collection using metaplex js sdk

I would like to create a collection and then add nft to it. The code I use: const a = ( await metaplex .nfts() .create({ name: "My off-chain name", uri: &...
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How to track Solana NFT Collection's transaction history

Seems like there's no specific address associated with a Solana NFT Collection. How does marketplaces like magic eden track transaction history from a collection scale? For a single NFT, seems like a ...
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How to Efficiently Subscribe to NFT Transfers of All NFTs in Collection ( The N+1 Problem )

The Ask We are building a game and we want to also present trade stats to our players. We need to be able to efficiently index and track not just mints, but transfers of nfts in real time. The Problem ...
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verify collection on mint

We have built our own NFT contract with merkle tree whitelist. But we are struggeling with the verify_collection part. Is this the correct way of implementing this? Our update_authority of the NFTs is ...
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