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How do I send Solana balance from command prompt to Phantom wallet?

im tryna send my solana balance on Command Prompt to my phantom wallet? can anyone help ?
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2 answers

When I use anchor command, I'm getting an error: no such subcommand: `+bpf` Did you mean `b`?

The error goes like this: PS D:\solonacontracts\solana-counter\programs\counter-app> anchor build BPF SDK: \?\C:\Users\Prabh.local\share\solana\install\releases\1.10.31\solana-release\bin\sdk\bpf ...
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3 answers

I encountered this error while I am trying to run the anchor build command? [duplicate]

Error msg: PS D:\solonacontracts\solana-counter> anchor build Failed to obtain package metadata: cargo metadata exited with an error: error: failed to load manifest for workspace member \?\D:\...