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My Solana wallet is not connecting to my tapswap if I tap on go it does not take me anywhere and there is noting like start a mission why?

My solona wallet is not connecting to my tapswap. there is no start a mission while connecting the wallet and when you tap on go it will not take you anywhere I need help on this please
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Reliable transaction confirmations

Our backend service is sending transactions to solana but we are having trouble with transaction confirmations. We were running into Transaction simulation failed: Blockhash not found errors regularly ...
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Implementing Transaction Status Indicators and Block Explorer Links in Solana Applications

I'm looking to add transaction status indicators to my Solana application, indicating whether a transaction is confirmed or not, along with links to the block explorer for further verification. I'm ...
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Significantly longer transaction confirmation time for large v0 transactions

I've been using v0 transactions for about two months, but recently (possibly due to BONK related congestion) the transactions have been taking much longer to confirm and frequently drop all together. ...
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Is getting all involved accounts of txs with state "processed" via webhook possible?

Is it possible to getting all involved accounts of a tx that has the current state "processed" via webhook? I only managed to subscribe to the logs of new txs that are in the state "...
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Confirming transaction seems to be inconsistent?

I have been using the following chunk of code for awhile and it seems to work about 98% of the time, however there are cases where the transaction does go through seemingly immediately, but this does ...
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How to confirm a transaction given only the transaction signature and slot number?

I want to confirm a transaction gracefully and wait for it to be finalized. I understand the best way to do this is to use the Connection.confirmTransaction method with the ...
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Sending two dependent transactions with different signers

I have two transactions with different signers. First transaction changes the account state, and the second one requires that account state to be changed as a constraint (it's some boolean value). I ...
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unable to confirm transaction

Hi just today I started to get this error when trying to do anything on devnet: Error: unable to confirm transaction. This can happen in situations such as transaction expiration and insufficient fee-...
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Optimistic confirmation with Http API?

What is the fastest way for you to confirm a transaction using http API? I want my UI to update as soon as possible
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