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Not able to read the updated value in a Solana Data Account

I have a simple solana greeting-counter program, I have it deployed locally. When I am calling from my typescript code I am able to do pretty much all the transactions and verify them. Except the last ...
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I need the fastest way to perform transaction

I working on solana trading bot, i am using @solana/web3 for blockchain communication and raydium amm pools for performing swaps. I need the fastest way to perform transactions and know if it ...
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"TransactionExpiredBlockheightExceededError: Signature XXX has expired: block height exceeded" when confirming successful transaction

When attempting to use confirmTransaction using the BlockheightBasedTransactionConfirmationStrategy, the call takes a very long time then errors out with "...
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1 vote
2 answers

Solana sendRawTransaction & confirmTransaction ; confirmTransaction takes forever and fails

Allright I need help.. My Web3.js sign and send wouldn't work. I either get BlockHeightExceeded , Blockhash not found, or it just gets stucked in the confirmTransaction.. I have googled and looked ...
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Solana/web3.js - Problems with confirmTransaction

I'm having trouble using confirmTransaction properly. I expect that the call won't return until the conditions are met (either it is confirmed or blockheight exceeded). However, I frequently get a ...
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1 answer

Cancelling a sent transaction if user doesn't sign it before a condition is matched

I'm using @solana/web3.js in react and I wanna know if there is a way of cancelling a sent transaction waiting to be signed by the user if a condition is matched before that user signs it through his ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Confirm a transaction reliably

I need to reliably validate in an API whether a call to the Solana program made by a user has been successful. I use the confirmTransaction function (in devnet) as follows: import { web3 } from "@...
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2 answers

Confirming transaction seems to be inconsistent?

I have been using the following chunk of code for awhile and it seems to work about 98% of the time, however there are cases where the transaction does go through seemingly immediately, but this does ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to create a TX on the front end (Wallet Adapter) and confirm it on the back end!

Our web app charges users X amount of SPL token. Users sign through their connected wallet. After the tx charges them, a request is sent to the back end where our server changes some metadata on ...
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1 answer

How to properly call confirmTransaction so that it is not deprecated?

In keeping with the official examples: const airdropSignature = await connection.requestAirdrop( keypair.publicKey, LAMPORTS_PER_SOL ); await connection.confirmTransaction(airdropSignature); ...
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