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Reducing calls to .load() in constraints

When using constraints with a zero-copy account that uses AccountLoader, you can reduce acc.load() calls like: #[account( mut, constraint = { let acc = some_acc.load()?;...
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Is there a way I can use find_program_address used to derive a PDA as an anchor constraint

Suppose I have a PDA that is supposed to be initialized by calling a CPI in my program and I want to validate that the account is valid, is there a way I could add a check to make sure that the ...
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Check for negative "unsign" interger does not work

I have a function like this: pub fn initialize_pool(ctx: Context<InitializePool>, rate: u64) -> Result<()> { require!(, SwapPoolError::SwapRateError); // {......
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Error Code: ConstraintMut. Error Number: 2000. Error Message: A mut constraint was violated.'

failed: custom program error: 0x7d0' pub fn bid(ctx: Context<Bid>, price: u64) -> Result<()> { let auction = &; let bidder = &mut ctx.accounts....
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What is an "account revival attack"? Regarding the "#[account(close = <target_account>)]" constraint

Trying to understand how the #[account(close = <target_account>)] constraint works and it says: Marks the account as closed at the end of the instruction’s execution (sets its discriminator to ...
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How can I increase an existing account size?

ie. Initialize account with 255 byte space. Pay to double the space through anchor.
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How to check if a PDA account has/hasn't been initialized?

I am using anchor and I need to check that two different PDAs have not been initialized. Later on in a different function call I need to check if a PDA has been initialized before closing the account. ...
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