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Unable to configure signer for delegate using walletAdapterIdentity (metaplex UMI)

Getting an error publicKey.toBase58 is not a function when calling delegateStaingV1 I've spent quite some time making sure my UMI instance is setup correctly to use the walletAdapterIdentity plugin ...
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Active delegates on a SPL token account

I am working on an application where it is required for the backend system to invoke transfer of funds at a later time(By later time, here means when the account owner is not present). Delegation ...
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What is the difference between a delegate and owner?

On the topic of cNFTs, there is a leaf_delegate and leaf_owner. Can anyone explain what is a leaf_delegate for cNFTs? And what is the difference between the two?
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How do I set a custom treeDelegate/update the tree delegate?

So the tree is being created by the user on the client side (as they are gonna pay gas haha) but my application needs to allow one public key (that is my application's wallet) to mint compressed NFTs (...
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System Program: Withdraw Stake from delegated stake account

I'm struggling with understanding of what's happened in tx 1GQA7ZcU63Wqm5gUUkhCnKa8dwzwK91c5bEPKcUvesgmkbauU5nH865PKXkUhD8s8HmTV1URtDG6WqYN3h9z5ET As I can see, System Program: Withdraw Stake was ...
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Solana "delegate-stake" fails on devnet

When trying delegate stake using: solana delegate-stake \ --fee-payer ~/staker-wallet-keypair.json \ --stake-authority ~/staker-wallet-keypair.json \ <STAKE_ACCOUNT_PUBKEY> <...
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How does stake account gets created?

I write code for staking: const stakeAccount = Keypair.generate(); then I get the validator that I trust const validators = await connection.getVoteAccounts(); // just choose the first one const ...
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See delegates for a particular account

If I were to delegate an amount of spl tokens to a certain pubkey, how can I see (in the future) how much is there left as delegated token amount and which was the pubkey I delegated to?
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Can I airdrop a frozen Master Edition token?

If I create an NFT by setting mintAuthority to null and foregoing a metaplex Master Edition, I retain the ability to arbitrarily freeze and thaw NFTs so long as I retain freezeAuthority on the token (...
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How can I freeze NFT in user wallet

There are a few instructions in Metaplex which would allow a delegate to freeze an NFT in user wallet, so I though it would be possible to stake user NFTs by freezing them in their wallets, so that I ...
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Are SPL Token Delegates **Exclusive** Transfer Authorities?

I'm reading the source here: But my Rust is not so fluent right now. Right around here: match ...
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