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Solana inflation mechanism design

When Solana quotes a percentage inflation figure, is that to be understood as annual inflation of the current circulating supply? For example, if inflation is 10% and current circulating supply is 400 ...
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Gasless Transactions for Solana

Has there been any research or development done around gasless txns? I'm looking to record particular txns for user provenance that have little intrinsic value now, but likely will in the future. I'm ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Are signatures of CPIs taken into account when calculating transaction fees?

The transaction fees page says that transaction cost = lamports_per_signature * number_of_signatures. Here, is the number of signatures calculated based only on the top-level instruction or are the ...
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4 votes
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How are Solana transaction fees calculated?

How do different components of a transaction contribute to the cost of a transaction on Solana?
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5 votes
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How is Solana able to provide infinite-time storage for a fixed cost?

How can Solana store something forever for a fixed cost that is reclaimable if you close the account?
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