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Are curve25519 syscall sufficient to perform an ed25519 signature verification?

There is a syscall to verify an secp256k1 signature, but there isn't one for ed25519. There is a native program for both. Recently some curve25519 syscalls have been enabled on mainnet-beta, i believe ...
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Solana-Ethereum bridge

Ethereum uses the secp256k1 public key cryptography and Solana uses the ed25519 public key cryptography. How is that situation handled in the case of bridges? Let's say that we want to certify a block ...
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How to verify the signature in anchor that i created using nacl in js

use anchor_lang::prelude::*; use ed25519_dalek::{ Signature, PublicKey, Verifier }; declare_id!("bHPU6ehyAy6ywvVkmVwV1XUx4DQzymwL4DoqYcgYnuK"); #[program] pub mod demo { use super::*; ...
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What is the compute cost for calling the native Ed25519 signature verification program?

I'm trying to measure the compute unit cost for my transaction which has 2 instructions: { ix0: native ed25519 sig verify (Ed25519SigVerify111111111111111111111111111) ix1: myprogram.foobar } but ...
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Why does solana uses only half of the private key to sign using ed25519?

var sign = function sign(message, secretKey) { return ed25519.ed25519.sign(message, secretKey.slice(0, 32)); }; This is what the official @solana/web3.js library does to sign a transaction. Is this ...
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2 answers

Verify an Ed25519 signature in a Solana program

I'd like to sign a message via Phantom (How to verify a signature from the Phantom wallet?), and then have a smart contract verify the signature of the message to be from the correct public key. From ...
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Why do PDAs need to be bumped so that they are not on the Ed25519 elliptic curve?

As a beginner, what is a good way to understand the purpose of Program Derived Addresses being bumped until they are off of the ed25519 elliptic curve? What is the ed25519 elliptic curve? How is it ...
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