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getProgramAccounts - error when calling

Good day to all. I encountered this problem. When I call getProgramAccounts I don't get a response but an error. Tell me, maybe I’m doing something wrong? My task is to get a list of tokens - am I ...
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Alchemy endpoint gives wrong wallet balance

I am doing unit tests and I notice that my alchemy endpoint lags behind mainnet-beta in several situations. Sometimes it doesn't get a websocket account update, but the worst obvious case is after ...
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Checking if RPC endpoint URL is hidden in a react front end

I've heard different things from different people on this front, but i've been looking into trying to keep api details (keys, rpc end point urls etc) hidden in a react front-end application. I've made ...
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What is the url for mainnet?

I am new to Solana Development, I was wondering, how can I make a change on the mainnet and not on the devnet. My target is to make transactions using python. I got some help but I have https://api....
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Questions about Mainnet RPC and endpoints [closed]

These questions are coming from someone who is experienced in Bitcoin ecosystem but new to Solana development. From what I understand, connecting to a Solana cluster is similar to connecting to a node ...
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