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Wallet to exchange transfer issue

Please help me get my money back, I transferred a few matic tokens from a phantom wallet to an exchange, almost 17 hrs ago. after inquiring, the exchange tells me you used the Polygon network instead ...
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Jupiter leverage is not working at all

I tried trading on Jupiter Perps. However, the leverage is not applied. I used x10 on 10$ and 1% growth gave me 10 cents profit. What am I doing wrong?
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1 vote
1 answer

How could I recognise a wallet is someone's Exchange wallet?

I am developing a Solana transaction explorer and I want to be able to recognise a wallet as a Binance deposit wallet. The current way I have found to do this is to check if a wallet sends money ...
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What is the best way to monitor for an incoming transaction to many addresses like how an exchange does it?

I run a small exchange and I have 1000s of solana addresses to monitor for incoming transactions. What is the best way to monitor this many addresses and programmatically run a script when it detects ...
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How to convert from USDT (Tether) to USDC? [closed]

I've USDT (Tether) on (which support SOL or other Solana tokens), but they don't support USDC. In this case, what's the easiest way to convert/swap USDT to Solana's USDC? Is it possible to ...
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