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How To View/Interact with a Contract's Code

I'm a solidity developer trying to expand into the Solana ecosystem. On Etherscan, it is very easy to inspect and interact with a smart contact (program). However, I see this basic functionality ...
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Is there a reason why setting the metadata and image URI to Google Storage doesn't work with explorers?

I am minting an NFT and setting the metadata and image URI to public storage buckets on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). I am able to view the image and metadata on my wallet, but only x-ray explorer ...
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Solana Explorer - customUrl

I'm trying to connect to a custom cluster using the "Custom RPC URL". The description says Enable this setting to easily connect to a custom cluster via the “...
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Remove "Warning!" on Solana Explorer

How do we remove this warning for out token? Is there a whitelisting process? Our token is unique and this is being displayed on the correct mint.
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How could I recognise a wallet is someone's Exchange wallet?

I am developing a Solana transaction explorer and I want to be able to recognise a wallet as a Binance deposit wallet. The current way I have found to do this is to check if a wallet sends money ...
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Why is one of the transactions for my token account missing from my wallet in Solana Explorer?

I have a wallet 5FHwkrdxntdK24hgQU8qgBjn35Y1zwhz1GZwCkP2UJnM that has a token account Tig6ugKWyQqyRgs8CeDCuC3AaenQzRJ5eVpmT5bboDc. I can see the transaction ...
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Missing slots with getBlock

The Dune team was going through all the slots in the Solana blockchain and from slot 1634073 to 1690556 (56k) we are receiving, on "getBlock" method, error -32009 with message "Slot XXX ...
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Order of transactions

We recently had a sale of node licenses. Sales were handled through our NodeStore program, and started at a specific point in time. So we saw a lot of transactions in the first few seconds, and the ...
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