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Solana Rust - Failed to serialize or deserialize account data: Unknown

I am creating simple contract for storing ipfs hashes (see in attachment). When trying to call instruction 1 (AddIpfsHash) from python via solana-py and solders I get following error: "...
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Transcation error

I am unable to send token and unable to unstake and withdraw my Pyth token My SOL has 0.33 SOL but it shows transcation error.
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Nuxt3 + Vite build with @solana/wallet-adapter-wallets

Got a build problem, where I can not get the the app to build. It works fine locally but whenever I'm trying to build it get stuck on some import BS. Feels as if I tried almost everything at this ...
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Trying to claim rewards on - Program Error: "Instruction #1 Failed"

When I try to claim rewards on I get this result: Program Error: "Instruction #1 Failed" Program log: #1 Unknown program instruction > Program log: Instruction: ClaimAll ...
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Getting custom program error 0x16 on Raydium after burning LP tokens

I created a liquity pool on Raydium a few days ago and scheduled the pool to be launched 3 days from now. Yesterday I burned the LP (on Sol-incinerator) and since then I noticed there are a lot of ...
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My wallet has been giving me an error for several days.....What I Have to do?

My wallet has been giving me an error for several days...this is not acceptable. I'm trying to move my USDC to SOLANA. I've been trying for several days. that I have to do?.
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Solana sing failing - keypair-pubkey mismatch

I'm trying to create a swap transaction using the Jupiter API, and all seems to be done correctly until the part where I have to sign the transaction, it just fails and for me makes no sense since I'm ...
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Anchor only solana build error ( fine with cargo )

When I compile my code with cargo build-sbf or cargo test-sbf I get no issues. But when I build with anchor build I get error[E0432]: unresolved import `crate::sys::IoSourceState` --> src/...
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Unable to find devnet logs for errored programs with Java client

I am unable to find logs of failed solana program invocation (on devnet) when I invoke the program with Java solana client(this solanaj library). However, when I invoke the same program using @solana/...
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How to identify failed transactions on Solana

I am trying to fetch only the successful transactions on Solana. For this I use 2 functions under different scenarios, to fetch signatures and txns: 1. connection.getParsedTransaction(tx_signature, {...
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When nuxt build,An error occurred [closed]

When nuxt build, report such an error :You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type, currently no loaders are configured to process this file.
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Attempt to debit an account but found no record of a prior credit

I am trying to map the parking space in a location. In the flowing is my account and method to return the available position in a location. #[account] pub struct Location { pub id : String, ...
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Does TPS metric include failed transactions in the calculation?

I'm new to Solana and I was reading about TPS metric. I got there are vote and non-vote transactions in it, but what about failed transactions? Let's say we have this slot: and the transaction ...
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3 answers

Testing transactions that should fail with anchor

I am currently writing unit test for my Solana contract written using the Anchor framework. I have created unit tests for the positive flow of how things should work, and all the tests are passing, ...
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Error: failed to start validator: TestValidator startup failed: Custom { kind: Other, error: "Discover failed" }

I am using a Macbook with M1 and getting the error stankosy@Stans-MacBook-Pro solana % solana-test-validator --no-bpf-jit Ledger location: test-ledger Log: test-ledger/validator.log Error: failed to ...
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