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Solana SPL-22 token fee not claimable

I made a Solana spl-2022 memecoin on Dexlab with a 4.9% fee for marketing. Some transactions are made and a withheld amount is visible on the blockchain (solscan). When I look at Dexlab's claim fee ...
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Not seeing transfer fee / tax in solscan devnet

I see that the interface on solscan is slightly different between mainnet and devnet. I was hoping to check my token transfer tax within the transaction in solscan but I can't really see it working. I ...
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Formula for calc fee deployment on-chain Candy Machine v3

Could someone say, where I can get formula for calc fee of Candy Machine v3 deployment on-chain? Or where can I search for it? I found users reference to, but it seems, it doesn'...
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