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How can a PDA act as the fee payer?

In my program, when I call the frontend function I'd like the PDA to be the fee payer and not the end user (so end user has not to approve transaction), although my PDA is stated as isSigner in my ...
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How to increase the Transaction Fee on SolNet (.net)

Everything has been working fine until this morning. Now my transactions broadcast successfully, but show up empty in the tracker and all calls to GetTransactionAsync return with error "Something ...
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How to determine transaction fee inside rust program?

I am trying to determine if it is possible to determine the transaction fee from within the program itself? In solidity we have gasleft() which allows us to take snapshots at the beginning and end of ...
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Set and transfer royalties for a NFT

How to set royalty while minting a NFT. If I set creators in metadata how can I transfer royalties when someone buys this NFT? This is my Minting code: pub fn mint_nft( ctx: Context<MintNFT>,...
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Is it possible to determine the fees for the current instruction from inside the contract?

I'm designing a solana contract where an admin performs an approval after a user makes a request. The approval instruction closes a PDA corresponding to the request and returns its SOLs to the user ...
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Is it possible to transfer absolutely the entire balance of the Solana wallet?

Not SPL token. For example: Create a new Solana address Transfer 1 SOL from my other wallet to this address Return the entire amount received back to my main wallet (minus two transfer fees of 0....
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Why is it impossible to make a reflection token ("frictionless yield") on Solana?

I'm getting conflicting answers from multiple sources on this to the point where I've concluded it's practically impossible to create a custom token on Solana that: Takes a fee from every transfer (e....
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How to get "feeCalculator` since "getRecentBlockhash()" deprecated?

This is how feeCalculator is received before: const { feeCalculator } = await connection.getRecentBlockhash(); getRecentBlockhash() is deprecated. Instead we use connection.getLatestBlockhash() I ...
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Solana SPL-22 token fee not claimable

I made a Solana spl-2022 memecoin on Dexlab with a 4.9% fee for marketing. Some transactions are made and a withheld amount is visible on the blockchain (solscan). When I look at Dexlab's claim fee ...
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tax/fee ERC20 token

I wonder if there is someway to implement tax/fee in the ERC20 for transfer to liq, marketing wallet, reflections for staking etc. I know there is SPL token and thats not an option for us. So is that ...
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How is transaction fee calculated in details?

There's a similar question here. I've read it but still got some questions. I know the transaction fee is simply lamports_per_signature * number_of_signatures (plus a little miner tip). However, what ...
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Not seeing transfer fee / tax in solscan devnet

I see that the interface on solscan is slightly different between mainnet and devnet. I was hoping to check my token transfer tax within the transaction in solscan but I can't really see it working. I ...
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Formula for calc fee deployment on-chain Candy Machine v3

Could someone say, where I can get formula for calc fee of Candy Machine v3 deployment on-chain? Or where can I search for it? I found users reference to, but it seems, it doesn'...
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