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How to start a hard fork in solana network?

I need to start a new cluster of validators with new version. For the new cluster, I want to clone the original cluster's accounts' information. I thought hard fork could be one way to do sth like ...
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confusion about Forks Pruning in Solana Docs

I've read some introduction to Managing Fork in Solana Docs (i.e., but I'm confused about the example. In the section Active Forks,...
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Can a chain reorg happen on Solana?

On Ethereum and other chains, a chain can split into "forks" and Validators then have to decide which path to go. Can that happen on Solana?
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How to locally test interaction with external contracts (chainlink and pyth oracles )?

I have a Solana smart contract (written with Anchor) that interacts with Pyth and Chainlink Solana oracles. In EVM world, we would either redeploy the necessary contracts locally in the test start-up ...
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how to fork solana mainnet

I want to fork the solana mainnet to test my programs on it. Is it possible to fork solana mainnet like how ganache or hardhat lets you fork the ethereum mainnet? if yes, how to?
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Who activates features on Solana?

The Solana protocol frequently activates hard forks shipping new features, such as syscalls, builtin programs, or fee changes. Each feature is tracked in an account of the feature program. Who is ...
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