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How to freeze NFT/token in users wallet and allow it to be repossesed at a later date?

We are trying to build a collateral system without Escrow wallet. We want to: Freeze the asset in the user's wallet Transfer it out if the user doesn't pay their loan Un-freeze it if the loan has ...
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How does one unfreeze an NFT to send to other wallets?

I have 4 NFT editions that are supposedly frozen in my account so they can't be sent. I received this correspondence from the Phantom support but I have no idea where to begin. Hi there, It seems that ...
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How to create freeze authority on already minted token

I am trying to create a freeze authority and assign to an escrow account using smart contract on already minted token by me ("Update Authority: //My Pubkey//") ("Mint Authority"://...
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What is the use case for `set_freeze`, `remove_freeze` and `thaw_nft` instructions in CandyMachine

I've seen these instructions in the source code, however, I couldn't find any documentation on them. What is the purpose of those 3 instructions and in which situations should I use them? EDIT: I've ...
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Freezing SPL Token accounts Via JS SDK

I am trying to build a 'web2'/'weak' NFT staking system where NFTs are frozen in holder's wallets. Currently, the tokens do not have any freeze authority set. Does this mean they cant be frozen by me ...
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