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Issue While Connecting to Frontend with Anchor Backend [closed]

Issue Description I followed all the steps mentioned in the documentation Full Stack Solana development with React and Anchor:
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Dioxus and Rust

I like how Solana uses React and other popular libraries/frameworks for the front end, but I would prefer the whole project to be in Rust (WASM). Is there a way I can integrate Solana-wallet for ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How can I return an array of integers from Solana rust program function to front end?

I don't know how can I write an onchain program in Solana that after executing the logic, returns an array of integers, strings, etc ... to the client, and how can I fetch it using web3?
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How to Invoke contract function on react app?

Is there any reference there for How to Invoke contract function on react app I deploy the staking contract on Solana Devnet. The staking program is created using the anchor framework, and now I am ...
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