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Geyser Plugin Behaviour for Closed Accounts

When I call the getAccountInfo web3 method for an account on which a CloseAccount instruction has been run, it returns null. I wanted to ask if the Geyser plugin notifies about an account update when ...
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Convert slot to timestamp in Geyser

I currently run a Geyser plugin and it sends slot alongside every account. Is there a reliable way to determine when the slot occurred? When the plugin boots up, it sends all accounts since genesis. ...
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2 answers

How to use a Geyser plugin

I want to periodically sync a set of accounts from a validator to my database and I find Geyser plugins fit my need. But the document doesn't show how to attach the plugin to a running validator or ...
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How do you get holder wallet address from token account data? [duplicate]

I'm trying to run geyser plugin to listen in on account data updates, and my plan is to build an index with holder wallet address as the key, and list of owned token accounts as the value. So say if a ...
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2 answers

Can geyser plugins be used on historical data

Per documentation it is said that Geyser Plugin system can be used to offload currently validated data to different databases, however, I do not understand whether it can be used to process historical ...
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1 answer

Is there a reason why pubkey in `Reward` struct is `String` instead of `&[u8]` or `Pubkey`

In most places pubkey is represented by &[u8] or Pubkey is there any particular reason why Reward struct inside ReplicaBlockInfo use this "fronted/json friendly" representation? Similar ...
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On what confirmation leavel block metadata are produced

In geyser plugin there is notify_block_metadata() and I am curious if this block_metadata is produced always when slot is already rooted or can be produced also for confirmed and processed slots.
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0 answers

Websocket or Geyser to monitor many accounts

I'm looking to monitor 500+ accounts to do periodical operations and use the most recent data when there is a change on them (processed commitment). I'm wondering if websockets are actually the best ...
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Error running the holaplex indexer

i'm trying to setup holaplex indexer ,First a install diesel and compile the geyserplugin from their repo. then i run the 3 services simultaneously with following commands. cargo run --bin holaplex-...