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How to fetch transactions from a historical node older than 2 years ago?

I'm missing transactions from an archive node. I can fetch transactions related to a wallet and associated token/vote/stake accounts. For wallets that are younger the balance transfers and other ...
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Querying historical transaction data from Solana

I am very new to the Solana blockchain being more familiar with Ethereum. I have a requirement to retrieve all transactions for specified addresses from the Solana blockchain and then store them into ...
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Traces in Solana

I'm looking to create a data pipeline that gets traces (both value transfers and contract executions like on the EVM) but, I can't find the equivalent to it on Solana's VM. What is the equivalent to ...
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MagicEden DutchAuction address

MagicEden has a few programs, such as EnglishAuction, EnglishAuctionSpl, DutchAuction, and, possibly DutchAuctionSpl. But I weren't able to find address of a DutchAuction program anywhere. What is it? ...
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Getting null meta in early transactions

I'm using GetTransaction API on bigtable nodes to retrieve transaction 54CkqBDn3VV657fEzGPekEfxEve1X6hWSWfqjdF3J3DhsK9Arm8M34RHGYu1dppKS35goRv1X4BL75ttfx4SbeLC. Then I noticed that meta field is null ...
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How far back in time do RPC nodes retain transaction history?

What's the average an RPC would keep all signatures for an Account stored?
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Daily Transaction Data on Solana Network

I am not certain if this is the right forum to post this question but I am looking for historical daily transaction data for the Solana network. I searched around various explorers and sites but none ...
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How to find all transfers for a specific token

Is there a way to find all transfers of a specific token mint? Say I want to find all USDC transfers which happened on blockchain. Can it be done efficiently?
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Can geyser plugins be used on historical data

Per documentation it is said that Geyser Plugin system can be used to offload currently validated data to different databases, however, I do not understand whether it can be used to process historical ...
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Where can historical transaction data be found? [duplicate]

Hey as the question states we need historical data to produce certain graphs by executing scripts based on historical data, apparently i was under the impression solana devnet and mainnet api serve ...
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