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I need to change the logo of the token created by you

Dear representatives of your ecosystem, With respect, I would like to inform you about a small discrepancy regarding the logo of the currency that I have created within your ecosystem. Due to an error,...
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How to set owner role in this like we set owner to solidity?

"In my contract, I require the implementation of an owner role, creating what is commonly known as an 'ownable' contract pattern. This entails the inclusion of three key functions within my ...
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freeze_authority being null

This isn't a very technical question but more of a theoretical. I've heard in different places where the in Solana freeze authority violates the idea of immutability or decentralization if an SPL ...
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Token-2022 extension enforcing immutable owner

I have a use case to assign a new owner to an associated token address (ATA) after it has been created. Having tried this against a local node I was met with an error saying that I could not change ...
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Error Code: ConstraintMut. Error Number: 2000. Error Message: A mut constraint was violated.'

failed: custom program error: 0x7d0' pub fn bid(ctx: Context<Bid>, price: u64) -> Result<()> { let auction = &; let bidder = &mut ctx.accounts....
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Since an Associated Token Account for a wallet can be created by anybody, how can we enforce that Token-2022 immutable ownership is performed on ATAs?

Here we see that anybody can create an ATA for anybody else's wallet for any token: But the process of enforcing ...
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What does it mean exactly for token account owners to reassign ownership to another address?

In review of this Token-22 extension, it says that token account owners can reassign ownership to another address: I am having a hard time ...
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