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Error : TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'equals')

Hello im trying to decode a possible MintToInstruction if there is one present in the transaction im looking at. This is my code: const { decodeMintToInstruction, decodeMintToCheckedInstruction, ...
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sign an instruction on the frontend, another on the backend for the same transaction

i have a few questions: whats the best way to handle this do i create the txn on the backend, then let the frontend sign and send it? if so how? how can i partially sign the transaction on the backend,...
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How to pass Vec arg and strings args to instruction?

Using anchor pub fn instruction(ctx: Context<InstructionContext>, arg1: String, arg2: Vec<String>) -> Result<()> { How should I "encode" the args to pass them from the ...
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How to send a solana instruction with big data?

I want to send a raw data much bigger maybe with a 2048 length. Also I want to pass data as instruction data. While I build the transaction and execute, it told me the size is too big. How can I do ...
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Trying to claim rewards on - Program Error: "Instruction #1 Failed"

When I try to claim rewards on I get this result: Program Error: "Instruction #1 Failed" Program log: #1 Unknown program instruction > Program log: Instruction: ClaimAll ...
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Decoding Transactions

I am learning how to decode solana transactions, how do i decode it like sol scan to get the instructions/swaps for tokens such as raydium? I see a programIdIndex and data, the data is base58 decoded ...
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How to store signatures in a pda and invoke an instruction with signatures

I want to create a program influenced by multisig structure. There will be multiple types of instructions that require two parties to sign each transaction. Here's what I have in my mind: There will ...
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having trouble to encode a u64 as data for CPI

I have a u64 which is an amount of lamports. I need to send it to another program with a CPI. So i'm trying to encode it in the data, but can't figure out how to do it. Here is what i tried: let mut ...
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Solana Deserialization

Anymore has some resources or something on how to implement borsh deserialization for Solana instruction data? I'm having the issue that I don't know the length so I get an error when trying to call ...
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How to store data directly on the Solana blockchain?

I am a beginner in Solana Development and I recently learned that data in Solana blockchain can be stored inside accounts. Instead of this is it possible to store the data directly in a block instead ...
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solana-test-validator error Illegal instruction: 4 after install solana 1.14.10

I am trying to update solana to 1.14.10, but after install it, solana-test-validator is not working. Here is error. Notice! No wallet available. solana airdrop localnet SOL after creating one Ledger ...
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Deserialize metaplex token metadata instruction data

I would like to dezerialise instruction data to the metaplex token metadata program in node js. For example the instruction data of creating a metadata account v2 or when creating a master edition v3. ...
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How to Increase compute limit above 200k compute

I am making a CPI to a heavy instruction in another program and running into insufficient compute limit issues. How do I increase the compute limit for my instruction. I once saw up to 1.4M compute ...
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How can I do one cross-program-invocation with multiple instructions?

in a nutshell I'm wondering how to send one CPI call with a vector of Instructions. Here's an example: I noticed there's a function in the solana_program Rust crate called: solana_program::...
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